Planning To Start A New Business? Top Tips To Choose The Right Brand

Are you planning to start a new business using the internet? Affiliate marketing is a tried and rested way of earning good money. You need to put in a lot of work at the outset in order to set up a really good affiliate program and you also need to keep working to maintain it. However, it will give you excellent returns once you can get started. One of the most important things that you have to do when you get started is to choose the right brand to promote. The following tips to choose the right brand will help you get to a very good start:

1. Select a company that you have had experience with. This is because you need to be absolutely certain that the product is a reliable one or else you will lose credibility with your visitors. It is cheaper to sell to existing customers instead of trying to get new ones. Therefore, your business will become untenable if you lose your customers due to selling them bad products. You should also check on social media to find out what people think about the brand in question.

2. The brand should be connected to the topic of your blog in some way. You need to ensure that the visitors to your site find products that they might possibly be interested in. If there is a complete mismatch between the blog and the brand then you are unlikely to do any business.

3. The brand you select should have a wide range of products to sell, thereby ensuring that people who click through from your site are very likely to make a purchase.

4. Choose a brand that does a lot of advertising on the internet so that visitors are likely to have read about it. The company should also create attractive advertisements that are eye-catching and explanatory so that your visitors will be motivated to click on them. People are unlikely to click on ads that are unattractive or meaningless. Your site will also benefit from having advertisements that suit its overall look.

5. The commission offered by the brand is an important factor to be considered because you should obviously aim to earn as much money as possible from the same effort.

You can start more than one affiliate program once you get the hang of this business. It costs hardly any money to start and market your blog but the rewards are very high if you do the right things.

How to Build a Relationship While Building a List

With an Internet Marketing business, there are many ways to build your email opt-in list. But what is the point of building a list if you don’t build a relationship with it? After all it is the relationship you have with your list that ultimately will determine whether your internet marketing business is a success or a failure.

Let me just repeat that, don’t just build a list, build a trusting relationship with it!

Most internet marketing experts will tell you that an email opt-in list is the best, most effective and smartest business building thing that you can do to achieve success online. However, it is one thing to stay in business, but it is another thing altogether to have a profitable business. So building an email list and establishing and maintaining a great relationship with it, is THE key to long term internet success.

Let me explain!

An email opt-in list is a list or a database of email addresses (and sometimes names as well) of people who have visited your website and given you their details in exchange for something. This is usually some sort of free gift, such as an ebook, report, ecourse or video. Once they have done this they become a subscriber. Which means they end up on an email list owned by you which allows you to send out regular emails with recommendations and promotions.

Think of it as just like you having a membership or being on the mailing list of your local gym or club. Only in this particular instance, the opt-in list is done electronically and is purely an email list.

So why should YOU have an email opt-in list?

Well, if you are spending time and money in attracting visitors to your website you need to maximise the time that that visitor is on your website. You see, very few visitors buy on the first visit, so if you turn that visitor into a subscriber, you have given yourself the opportunity to promote to them again and again.

Once more however, I will return to my earlier statement “The relationship you have with your list will determine whether your internet marketing business is a success or a failure” so at this point I cannot stress enough of the importance of providing your subscribers with value, as it is vitally important that you build a lasting, trusting and honest relationship with your email list.

Now some important pointers to help you build your email opt-in list:

1. The position of your subscribe link or webform is important! But first of all make sure you have one on EVERY page. Then make sure it is positioned ideally in the top right of your website above the fold. IT MUST BE SEEN WITHOUT YOUR VISITOR HAVING TO SCROLL UP OR DOWN OR FROM LEFT TO RIGHT!

2. When generating leads, ALWAYS send your traffic to a squeeze page or landing page, designed solely for the purpose of collecting names and email addresses.

3. Make sure you give your visitor a high quality FREE gift to make it a no-brainer for them to give you their details in exchange.

4. Keep everything congruent. Any info you send out in forthcoming emails or newsletters MUST be related to the reason they were on your website in the first place or they will lose interest pretty quickly and unsubscribe.

5. Only recommend products or services you are using or have used yourself. Or BEFORE you recommend make sure you have fully investigated the product or service and YOU are happy with it. Remember you are building a trusting relationship here, if you offer or recommend shoddy or second-rate products or services, you will slowly begin to erode the confidence your subscribers have in you. Which again will manifest in unsubscribes.

6. Never miss an opportunity to build your list. An often overlooked method of list building is your email signature. So make sure you add a link to your squeeze page in your email signature, so that every time you send out an email your link is included.

Now, the 6 points I have mentioned above are only starting points really, there are many other ways of building an email opt-in list, (too many for this particular article) but you can read many of my other articles on this fascinating subject.

As a further piece of advice I thought it would be a good idea to give you some advice about the things you should NOT do with your email opt-in list, so here goes:

DO NOT SPAM. It is best that you get permission from your subscribers, having said that pretty much all of the Autoresponder service providers out there these days, will only let you add to your list if your subscriber has voluntarily opted in anyway.

Try to establish an email sending strategy. Whereby you maximise your earnings without bombarding your subscribers with endless offers and promotions. Dependent on your niche, you should be able to quickly identify the frequency of your messages and the content. If you ALWAYS provide VALUE and you continue to learn what your subscribers needs and wants are you should establish a long term relationship.

Finally, the benefits of having a responsive email list are undeniably the difference between success and failure for you internet marketing business. Grow your list and you grow your business. Having an email list means you TRULY can get cash on demand!

Just follow these tips above and you’ll soon see what I mean!

All the best

7 Ways to Display Authority in Copywriting

The main responsibility a writer has in copywriting is to persuade the reader. Excellent, reliable copy is extremely simple for readers to count on due to the fact that it seems more sincere and caters to their desires, needs and interests. Incorporating a tone of authority in writing a copy is a studied procedure however it is not totally difficult.

Know Your Subject

Never ever write copy about a topic you have little or no understanding about. If you wish to show you have authority in composing that copy, you must have the ability to reveal to your audience or readers that you understand precisely and know what you are talking about. If you don’t it will be apparent and readers can tell if you are waffling.

Show Your Experience

An additional means to reveal you have authority in writing authoritative copy is by showing you have the right experience about the topic. You cannot blog about something you have no clue about. An example of this would be to write about electricity and how it’s formed if you have no idea or know how.

Use Your USP

USP stands for Unique Sales Proposition and it is contained in every product or concept. Learn exactly what yours is when drafting copy. You can utilize this to your benefit to produce authority. This will make your article unique and easily flourish from the various other articles in your niche.

Make the statement clear from the beginning so your readers will comprehend right away the message you are attempting to convey.

State the Perks and Benefits

There will constantly be drawbacks or constraints to your product, concept or statement. Rather than mentioning them to your readers, concentrate on the benefits and advantages. Inform your readers exactly what it can do and exactly what it cannot do.

If you’re advertising a bike, for instance, you do not need to state that it’s not as quick as a vehicle. It cannot fly however it can assist its individual reach his destination. It’s low-cost, does not contaminate the environment and can even be a good instrument of physical fitness.

Be Factual

Decorating your statements could seem safe however the result on your readers could not be useful to you. Customers and readers are a bit delicate about certain and they will take personal offence if they discover that you delivered false information without the necessary facts. There is absolutely nothing that works as quickly as an overstatement to reduce your trustworthiness.

If you desire to be seen as somebody who has authority in their copy, focus only on facts, statements that are readily proven and validated.

Back Up Your Cases

Authority in composing copy is closely comparable to writing a news release — you require evidence of your claims. If you make one, make sure it’s backed up by information and figures that might be proven. If it was from a case study or whether it was an experiment that was conducted, always have the reference to that study handy incase you need to refer to it if you are asked about the validity of your statement.

Do Not Tinker The Language

If you wish to be trusted as an authority in composing a copy, see to it you make sure to reveal excellent grammatical and spelling abilities. Absolutely nothing ruins the position of authority than bad language due to the fact that it signals recklessness and an absence of understanding. If you wish to be seen and accepted as a specialist in your field of copywriting, show utmost respect for your audience and write meticulously.

Blogging Your Story on Legit Ways to Make Money Online

You will find that self-expression is important for many people, especially writers. Through writing about the emotions that you want to express and the messages that you want to get across, you feel that you are able to show your personality to other people. You also feel that you are sharing pieces of yourself to those who are important for you and even to those you only remotely know. With your best effort, you can gain a sense of fulfillment every time you write.

This is the working principle on which blogging is grounded. When it is first introduced to the end-users of the World Wide Web, blogging is dubbed as a virtual diary. Through their blogs, people can write about their experiences, activities, and thoughts. It serves as a vehicle of thought through which writers can freely talk about themselves and what they think about the world. Their perspectives and point of views are of a priority in the blogosphere.

Due to the popularity of blogging on the Web, even the business industry has started to look at it as an effective marketing strategy to boost their sales potential. Aside from the online companies benefiting from this activity, individuals are now considering blogging as one of the best legit ways to make money online. Either ways, blogging serves as more than just a form of expression but also a great way to connect with potential clients and to achieve a business’ goals.

Among legit ways to make money online, blogging is the activity that really emphasizes the need for knowledge in professional and business communication. If you are a writer who makes a living out of your blogs, you almost always have a theme that you follow. Often, when you are writing about a specific brand or for a certain company, the blog posts are focused on topics less inclined on the personal side. The posts must be formally written as well, with the tone of the article more serious and technical.

However, most writers overlook the one secret to blogging that they should very well know. That is, when they blog, only your stories matter. Even if you think that the blog post is about a product that you are advertising, you have to make sure that you still have a personal touch on your article. This way, you can make your readers feel as if they are connecting to actual persons and not just the products being sold to them. You will find that people who get the sense of being able to relate to what they read are more likely to read through the blog and heed its call for action.

There are various ways on how you can make your story count as both professional and relatable. For one, you can include your own experiences as examples or references to whatever you are writing about. This way, your readers would understand better the topic or theory you are discussing. Another way is to write in second person. You would be able to make your readers feel that they are being given attention and priority. Also, they would understand that the post is written for them and not for the brand only.

Blogging also provides the feeling of transparency and promotes trust between the company and the potential clients who are also readers of the blog. Through the blog posts, potential clients get to know more about the company and its visions or plans. When they read as much about these developments, they are assured that the company is producing and selling products that are made to meet their needs as customers. This is something that you should always have in mind when writing articles to be posted on your business blog.

At the end of the day, when writing about legit ways to make money online in blogs, you only have to remember that the readers would react on how you have written the article as much as they would on the product you are telling them about. Therefore, it is important to always bear in mind that your story matters and that it has an effect on the people who come across them in the Web.